Reformation 2017

 St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren
is planning 4 events in celebration of the
500 year Anniversary of the Reformation

As the synods have suggestions for all their member congregations about what to do for the theological part of this anniversary, which will be implemented by the pastor(s) at the Sunday services and with all the synod churches following these outlines including ours, St. Peter’s would like to extend these anniversary celebrations..

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren, MI, as the only remaining German Lutheran Church in Lower Michigan,
would like to host a few special fun events to celebrate the anniversary of 500 years of Reformation.

We are concentrating on 3 Saturday events, as not to interfere with the schedule of other churches,
who might want to join us to make these events a success.

St. Peter’s is interested to find other congregations, organizations and/or individuals,
who would like to participate in the active organization and execution of these events.

There are many shoes to fill to make these events a great and fun time.

Please consider helping us, as we would like to get the message out, what the whole Lutheran movement was and is all about.

Next meeting, see notes below.

Please click on the event to get more background.


Event 1
Reenactment of Luther’s Wedding to Katherina von Bora
Saturday, September 9.

Event 2
The Way to the Reformation
Saturday, October 14

Event 3
Reformation Sunday
Sunday, October 29.
As each church has their own event going,
this will be how St. Peter’s will celebrate this occasion.

Event 4
Evening of Music
Saturday, November 18.

For anyone interested, the next meeting of the Work Group will be Tuesday after Easter

April 18. 7 PM at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren

for a map to the church CLICK HERE!


11423 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan 48093

Click here for a PDF Flier of this page.


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Season Greetings


 We hope you have

a Merry Christmas


a Save and Blessed Holiday Season!




Our Friday, January 4. 2013 get together will be a planning session for the year and everyone is welcome to participate in it!

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Christmas Party

16 of us Boomers had a fun time. The spread of appetizers and desserts was delicious and there was something to please everybody’s palate. A game of Pictionary (male versus female) rounded out the evening. I believe everyone had a good time.

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Bratwurst making with Steve and Rudy

Let’s get together and make our own Sausage for the Holiday Season!

Information in this post is subject to updates!

This is a fundraiser put on by the St. Peter Boomers with the proceeds going directly to St. Peter Lutheran Church.

Cost per Pound: $ 3.75 (price contingent on meat prices not increasing too much)

  • Date:            Wednesday, December 19. 2012

  • Time:           6:30 pm

  • Place:         St. Peter Church

We plan to make three types of Fresh Bratwurst:

  • Steve’s famous Fine Polish

  • Rudy’s Coarse Kielbasa

  • Saxon Bratwurst with Paprika

Sausage has to be pre-ordered at church and can be picked up after we make it that evening or the next time you come to church. (Sausage will be put into the freezer at church unless you tell us otherwise!).

We can not guarantee the weight to be right on to the ordered amount and the package price is by weight, so the packages will be marked with your name and the cost. Make checks payable to “St. Peter Church”.

Anyone who wants to come and help is welcome!

This is a social event. (B.Y.O.Beer and Apron)

We will make the sausage without any fillers,
we know that the fat content is way below the Wurst you buy in the store
and the price is not just reasonable but cheap for the quality you get!

Sauerkraut and Bread optional and not included!

Safe Handling: This is a fresh/uncooked Sausage and should be cooked before consumption!


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Beer Tasting or Pudding Shots Sampling

This is for all of you, whether you like beer or not!

  • Date:            Friday November 2, 2012

  • Time:           6:30 pm

  • Occasion:   Beer Tasting or Pudding Shots Sampling

  • Place:         St. Peter Church

  • Cost:           $ 6.00 per person

open to anyone over 21, not just the Boomers

We ask you to drink responsibly and to assign a designated driver!!!


Beer Tasting:

Selection, information and visual presentation of the beers will be done by Rudy.

We will taste at least 12 different beers. Start with a taste test of 6 Pilsners from different breweries from around the world. We will try to add 3 or 4 beers from a featured brewery (we will try to find a Lager, Wheat and Maerzen or Dopplebock from the same brewery to see the difference in taste of the types a particular brewery makes). We add a local Wheat beer for comparison and will also include a British and a Belgium Ale to round off the selection.

For the non beer drinkers who would like to come

Pudding Shots Sampling:

There will be an assortment of at least 10 different flavors of homemade Pudding Shots. It is time to sample and compare.
You will be asked to choose a favorite.

White bread, other basic snacks and water will be provided to keep your palate clean.

To keep the cost down, we need a RSVP from you!!
Please specify if you are participating in the Beer Tasting or the Pudding Shot Sampling when you RSVP.
Thank You!
Call Ati at 586.979.3850 or Karin at 586.791.6219
or simply leave a comment here by clicking on the comment bubble on top of the post.

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Boomers Bonfire-Change of Venue

Date: Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Time:  7 PM

Occasion: Boomers Event

Place: Rudy and Karin’s Backyard

Cost:  $ 0.00

Please call Karin at 586.791.6219 or Ati at church for more info and directions!

We will supply chips, marshmallows, pop and water.

As for alcoholic beverages, you will be on your own.

You must be over 21 to participate, but otherwise this is open to all age groups, so bring along your friends and grown up kids and if you think Grandma can take it, bring her along too, don’t forget about Grandpa.

We have a volunteer who will bring his Guitar and if you have and play any instruments bring them along for a jam session. Don’t worry we are working on a few song sheets so, that none of us will be embarrassed if we want to sing along and forgot the words.

Please, bring your own lawn chairs!

To cut the cost, the previously planned Hayride will be a little different:

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Stargazer’s update

To all who missed a star studded night at St. Peter.

Shortly after 5 pm Bob Berta from the Warren Astronomical Society came to the church and gave us a good look, through a special telescope, of our sun. You could very clearly see two sunspots and one rather distinct prominence.

I didn’t know until then that those “solar flare ups” were called prominences.

Once the sun went down we went inside and saw a slideshow about the universe, galaxies and our solar system. Bob was joined by Dave Bailey and Lee Hartwell from the above mentioned society who “bombarded” us with so many facts and other fantastic information, that there was no way to comprehend it all. After that was a question and answer period where all questions actually received a satisfactory answer due to the combined knowledge of the three gentlemen present.

This was followed with an impressive NASA movie “Journey to the Stars” narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. (I didn’t know that Whoopi was so knowledgeable about the universe. LOL.)

The evening was concluded outside with a glimpse at the night sky and a chance to see our moon close up through a great telescope. It was a fairly clear night but the almost full moon was a little too bright and drowned out many stars.

The reaction we heard from many of the over 30 “earthlings” present was all positive and enthusiastic about the value of this experience.

Talking with Bob Berta, we decided that he will notify us early when there will be some interesting sky events in Spring 2013 and we will repeat this event.

Below are a few of Bob’s own pictures which are from the website of the Warren Astronomical Society. These, in higher resolution, and others can be explored on Flickr.

Again a big thank you to the Warren Astronomical Society for a great job!

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Hayride and Bonfire/Change of Venue


Change of Venue and Location

Bonfire only


Date: Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Time:  7 PM

Place: 71800 Romeo Plank about ½ mile north of 33 Mile Road

Rudy and Karin’s House

Cost: $ 25.00 per person  $0.00 per person


This is now the Hayride part:











Reservations can be made right now, call Karin at 586.791.6219 or click on the comment box above and fill out the form. For more information and payment options call Karin.

What is included?
Start with a hayride, with drop-off at the bonfire site.
After the Bonfire the hay wagon will bring us back to the gathering area.
We will supply a Knackwurst to roast on the fire, a bun for said Knackwurst, chips, marshmallows, pop and water.

As for alcoholic beverages, you will be on your own, but glass is strictly prohibited and if anyone brings any glass items we all will be asked to leave!

As for he price:
They charge us $ 20.00 per person for the Hayride and the Bonfire with a minimum requirement of 20 people.
We added $ 5.00 to include the above mentioned food(s) and drinks.
You must be over 21 to participate, but otherwise this is open to all age groups, so bring along your friends and grown up kids and if you think Grandma can take it, bring her along too, don’t forget about Grandpa.

How can we bring the price down?
We negotiated a $ 16.00 fee if we have more then 40 participants, so if we reach this number we will refund $ 5.00 to you upon your request.
Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail or through the comment button above, but are only valid and final after full payment is received by us.
Remember space is limited and this is on a first come first serve basis.
There will be no refunds unless we reach the number of people we need to cover the cost and if we have more than enough people attending.





Below the cartoon is a copy of their terms and conditions, which we agreed upon when signing their contract and which will apply to all our participants!






We have a volunteer who will bring his Guitar and if you have and play any instruments bring them along for a jam session. Don’t worry we are working on a few song sheets so, that none of us will be embarrassed if we want to sing along and forgot the words.

Also bring lawn chairs as available logs to sit on are limited!

Terms, Conditions and Rules from the Hayride place:


  • Bonfire parties must be ready for pick-up from the bonfire site no later than 11.30 pm.
  • Absolutely NO glass containers can be brought to the property. If any glass is found, your group will be asked to leave without a refund and will forfeit your deposit.
  • If any of the above rules are broken this will result in the loss of your deposit.
  • Your deposit will be returned via mail to the address listed above providing the site is clean and left in satisfactory condition. This is by our discretion after inspection of the site the next day.
  • Deposit will be immediately forfeited if reservation is canceled for any reason.
  • We only supply what is offered in the specific package.




By signing below, the above named individual(s) hereby agrees that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this agreement. The above further indemnifies Slaughtered at Sundown, its owners, members, employees, managers, representatives , agents, sponsors and contractors against any claim or loss .

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October 5. Get Together

Food: Pizza

Games Night: such as Win, Loose and Draw, Charades, Pictionary or Cards.

Cost: $ 5.00 per person for the food and pop. Let us know if you are coming.

Please call Rudy or Karin at 586.791.6219 to RSVP

No RSVP necessary if you are just coming for the social part without joining us for pizza!


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Boomers Round Up

Are you Vintage 1946 – 1964?

As part of the “Boomer Generation” you are invited to a Schnitzel dinner hosted by fellow “Boomers” of St. Peter’s.  This social gathering is on:

Date:        Friday, Sept. 7, 2012

  • Time:        6:00 PM meet & greet, refreshments

    • 7:00 PM Schnitzels are served

Dress:        casual
Place:        St. Peter Lutheran Church, Warren
RSVP:    required by August 31st
Phone:  586-979-3850

Come, have a Schnitzel or two and hang out with us and your friends.
No commitments, secular,  JUST TO HAVE SOME FUN!

We would love to have your “Boomer” friends join us also.
So please tell them and bring them, but be sure to RSVP.

your fellow “Boomers”
for more info: call Ati, 586-979-3850

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