Stargazer’s update

To all who missed a star studded night at St. Peter.

Shortly after 5 pm Bob Berta from the Warren Astronomical Society came to the church and gave us a good look, through a special telescope, of our sun. You could very clearly see two sunspots and one rather distinct prominence.

I didn’t know until then that those “solar flare ups” were called prominences.

Once the sun went down we went inside and saw a slideshow about the universe, galaxies and our solar system. Bob was joined by Dave Bailey and Lee Hartwell from the above mentioned society who “bombarded” us with so many facts and other fantastic information, that there was no way to comprehend it all. After that was a question and answer period where all questions actually received a satisfactory answer due to the combined knowledge of the three gentlemen present.

This was followed with an impressive NASA movie “Journey to the Stars” narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. (I didn’t know that Whoopi was so knowledgeable about the universe. LOL.)

The evening was concluded outside with a glimpse at the night sky and a chance to see our moon close up through a great telescope. It was a fairly clear night but the almost full moon was a little too bright and drowned out many stars.

The reaction we heard from many of the over 30 “earthlings” present was all positive and enthusiastic about the value of this experience.

Talking with Bob Berta, we decided that he will notify us early when there will be some interesting sky events in Spring 2013 and we will repeat this event.

Below are a few of Bob’s own pictures which are from the website of the Warren Astronomical Society. These, in higher resolution, and others can be explored on Flickr.

Again a big thank you to the Warren Astronomical Society for a great job!

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