Beer Tasting or Pudding Shots Sampling

This is for all of you, whether you like beer or not!

  • Date:            Friday November 2, 2012

  • Time:           6:30 pm

  • Occasion:   Beer Tasting or Pudding Shots Sampling

  • Place:         St. Peter Church

  • Cost:           $ 6.00 per person

open to anyone over 21, not just the Boomers

We ask you to drink responsibly and to assign a designated driver!!!


Beer Tasting:

Selection, information and visual presentation of the beers will be done by Rudy.

We will taste at least 12 different beers. Start with a taste test of 6 Pilsners from different breweries from around the world. We will try to add 3 or 4 beers from a featured brewery (we will try to find a Lager, Wheat and Maerzen or Dopplebock from the same brewery to see the difference in taste of the types a particular brewery makes). We add a local Wheat beer for comparison and will also include a British and a Belgium Ale to round off the selection.

For the non beer drinkers who would like to come

Pudding Shots Sampling:

There will be an assortment of at least 10 different flavors of homemade Pudding Shots. It is time to sample and compare.
You will be asked to choose a favorite.

White bread, other basic snacks and water will be provided to keep your palate clean.

To keep the cost down, we need a RSVP from you!!
Please specify if you are participating in the Beer Tasting or the Pudding Shot Sampling when you RSVP.
Thank You!
Call Ati at 586.979.3850 or Karin at 586.791.6219
or simply leave a comment here by clicking on the comment bubble on top of the post.

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