Bratwurst making with Steve and Rudy

Let’s get together and make our own Sausage for the Holiday Season!

Information in this post is subject to updates!

This is a fundraiser put on by the St. Peter Boomers with the proceeds going directly to St. Peter Lutheran Church.

Cost per Pound: $ 3.75 (price contingent on meat prices not increasing too much)

  • Date:            Wednesday, December 19. 2012

  • Time:           6:30 pm

  • Place:         St. Peter Church

We plan to make three types of Fresh Bratwurst:

  • Steve’s famous Fine Polish

  • Rudy’s Coarse Kielbasa

  • Saxon Bratwurst with Paprika

Sausage has to be pre-ordered at church and can be picked up after we make it that evening or the next time you come to church. (Sausage will be put into the freezer at church unless you tell us otherwise!).

We can not guarantee the weight to be right on to the ordered amount and the package price is by weight, so the packages will be marked with your name and the cost. Make checks payable to “St. Peter Church”.

Anyone who wants to come and help is welcome!

This is a social event. (B.Y.O.Beer and Apron)

We will make the sausage without any fillers,
we know that the fat content is way below the Wurst you buy in the store
and the price is not just reasonable but cheap for the quality you get!

Sauerkraut and Bread optional and not included!

Safe Handling: This is a fresh/uncooked Sausage and should be cooked before consumption!


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