Reformation 2017

 St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren
is planning 4 events in celebration of the
500 year Anniversary of the Reformation

As the synods have suggestions for all their member congregations about what to do for the theological part of this anniversary, which will be implemented by the pastor(s) at the Sunday services and with all the synod churches following these outlines including ours, St. Peter’s would like to extend these anniversary celebrations..

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren, MI, as the only remaining German Lutheran Church in Lower Michigan,
would like to host a few special fun events to celebrate the anniversary of 500 years of Reformation.

We are concentrating on 3 Saturday events, as not to interfere with the schedule of other churches,
who might want to join us to make these events a success.

St. Peter’s is interested to find other congregations, organizations and/or individuals,
who would like to participate in the active organization and execution of these events.

There are many shoes to fill to make these events a great and fun time.

Please consider helping us, as we would like to get the message out, what the whole Lutheran movement was and is all about.

Next meeting, see notes below.

Please click on the event to get more background.


Event 1
Reenactment of Luther’s Wedding to Katherina von Bora
Saturday, September 9.

Event 2
The Way to the Reformation
Saturday, October 14

Event 3
Reformation Sunday
Sunday, October 29.
As each church has their own event going,
this will be how St. Peter’s will celebrate this occasion.

Event 4
Evening of Music
Saturday, November 4.

For anyone interested to get involved in the planning and execution of these events

call St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren


for a map to the church CLICK HERE!


11423 Chicago Road
Warren, Michigan 48093

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