About us

What is it all about?

As the early “Baby Boomers” are now officially reaching retirement age many of us already see a trend where quite a few of our friends are disbursing into the four winds. Yes, we may now have the opportunity to visit our friends in far away places like Florida, Arizona and even the hearty ones of them who moved to Alaska, but we might have lost a large part of our local group.

Many of our parents and their friends live to be older nowadays. The senior organizations established for them include a large number of people who are one and even two generations ahead of us. This puts them into a different lifestyle and frame of mind which is not necessarily ours.

Remember we grew up with the music from the Beatles and the Beach Boys and even the Doo Wop of the 50’s is already a little bit before our times.

For these reasons the “St. Peter Boomers” were started and it was decided to get together on the first Friday of each month where we could sometimes include an affordable meal and have a social evening with planned events like a wine tasting, game night, beer tasting, a guest speaker or other activities we can think off. Here we would need the input and ideas of anybody participating at our Friday night events.

Another part could be an online activities calendar for our participants where anybody that signed up could post events they want to go to and have some company along. This could be a concert, play, sports event, canoe trip or whatever you would like to plan and do.

We, as the St. Peter Boomers, will also try to sponsor, plan and organize events, such as a murder mystery dinner or the Astronomy night which was held at St. Peters in September 2012 and will be repeated in May 2013. These events might be scheduled on days other then and in addition to the first Friday of the month.

The first Friday at the church hall will be the chance to bring your friends and hopefully connect with some like minded people.

Some of the events, a bus trip to somewhere, where we need a larger group will be available to our regular participants for a specific time period first and then opened up to “everybody” to fill the bus or sell left over admission tickets.

We will try to keep it social, secular, interesting, fun and hopefully a great kickoff to your first weekend of the month. What we ask from you is that you join us with a positive attitude and leave your grumpiness outside our doors!

If we serve food we will post the menu online ahead of time and to keep the cost down for you there can be no substitutions or special menus. (If the food choices are not to your liking you can always bring your own and eat with us.) We will try to make it affordable to give you a reason to come and save you the hassle of cooking, for this we will need you to RSVP at least a couple days ahead of time. But please realize if you say you come and don’t show up it will increase the food cost for everybody else!


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