Evening of Music:
Saturday, November 18.

Music of the Times and/or songs about Luther (German musical “Bruder Martinus” comes to mind).

We would like to find a selection of a few choirs from churches or other clubs to help us celebrate the music of the time Luther was alive, Luther’s own Music and also songs about Martin Luther, like songs from the German Musical Bruder Martinus.

Singing performances could be offset by quotes attributed to Luther and from his recorded table talks with his students.

One idea is to culminate this concert with the rendition of “A mighty Fortress is our God”, starting with a combined bell choir, followed by the rendition of the first verse in German by choir(s), Trumpet solo with the guests singing a couple verses in English to end the concert.

We would need participants to organize an exhibition on the music of the late Middle Ages, which is also referred to as the High Renaissance .

We are working on having a couple German Choirs participate in this and are looking for more ideas and talents.

Afterwards we will serve finger foods and refreshments in the Luther Hall.

For anyone interested, the next meeting of the Work Group will be Tuesday after Easter

April 18. 7 PM at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren

for a map to the church CLICK HERE!

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