Reformation Sunday

Reformation Sunday
Sunday, October 29.
As each church has their own event going,
this will be how St. Peter’s will celebrate this occasion.

The pastor of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church will nail the thesis on the door of the church.

After our regular service we will come together in the Luther Hall for a Noon Meal.

We are aware that each congregation does their own celebration of this anniversary and we are not trying to compete with this.

For those of you who would like to come to our Reformation Day meal after your Church Services we would be thrilled to have you and would love to specially invite everyone who actively is participating to make this anniversary season a success to join us for the meal.


For anyone interested, the next meeting of the Work Group will be Tuesday after Easter

April 18. 7 PM at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren

for a map to the church CLICK HERE!

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