The Way

The Way to the Reformation:
Saturday, October 14

Duration 3 to 4 hours in the evening

The reformation did not happen overnight and Luther was the man who finally made it happen without losing his life prematurely.

The idea behind this event is: How was it possible and how did it happen. With history going back to Jan Hus and other well known or forgotten reformers.

We would like to display an Exhibition of The life before the Thirty Years War, about Traditions and Historic Customs during Luther’s time in Germany. Even now many of our customs and holidays go back to this time period.

Together with this we would like to set up a food and drink sampling of these times. From fermented juices to beer to meat dishes to vegetables, fruits and baked goods. A display of table utensils, table manners and how to throw a party will be part of the sampling.

If anybody would like to show how to make some crafts or do some spinning, knitting, wood carving or other time related artisan work, they would be more than welcome.

Again volunteers for this are needed to make this a success


For anyone interested, the next meeting of the Work Group will be Tuesday after Easter

April 18. 7 PM at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren

for a map to the church CLICK HERE!

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