Reenactment of Luther’s Wedding to Katherina von Bora

Saturday, September 9

We know the wedding was in June, but due to an unexpected time warp this reenactment will occur in September.

We will try to organize a Wedding as close to the way it was done when Martin Luther got married.

St. Peter’s would love to have other Lutheran Congregations involved in the organization and execution of this event.

At this point our work group is working on a mock wedding on Saturday, September 9 with the couple and the pastor in traditional 16th century outfits, with a pork roast dinner (as close to authentic to the times) and music afterwards. Some of the participating “Guests” will hopefully be in costumes of the times.

If other churches participate and we can expect a larger crowd, we could plan for strolling musicians, jugglers, puppet theater, craft show, indoor or outdoor market and other events for kids and grown ups we could think of and get together. The menu would also be increased to a pig roast with all the trimmings of the times.

Basic plans are in place, but input of other congregations who would like to participate will be accepted and if possible and agreed upon by the whole organizing group, planned in!

Please note that St. Peter’s Lutheran Church has a property large enough to accommodate this!

For anyone interested, the next meeting of the Work Group will be Tuesday after Easter

April 18. 7 PM at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Warren

for a map to the church CLICK HERE!

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